In addition to our Church Real Estate Services provided by GoffCo Realty, the Goff Companies family of companies provide an assortment of services for Church's. We are your solution for the next phase of growth in your ministry. We engage the Church from the vision, through design, and to the completion of your remodel, renovation or new campus project. 

Engaging the Goff Companies team was a win for Northplace Church. Their strategic assessment of our current facilities and future relocation plans helped us make informed decisions that will expedite our dream and save money in the process. Each person on the Goff team took a passionate interest in guarding our core values and expanding our vision. It is obvious that serving the local church is not their job. It’s their calling.
— Pastor Bryan Jarrett, Northplace Church

Church Planning

At Goff Companies, we believe there is the necessity and requirement to follow a detailed and sequential process for facility expansion programs to be as frugal as possible in spending God’s money. Strategic planning for your church involves navigating a narrow path between a business-based process and the greater importance of God’s will for our lives as a church and as individuals.  

Our overall goal will be to begin with the end result in mind and implement action plans that will build platforms from today to the future. The core basis of any successful facility expansion is determined by clearly understanding the sequential steps, having carefully analyzed internal and external numbers, and intentionally aligning people, money, and facilities with the Vision.

We use our proprietary process to provide a sequential step-by-step approach to break down the process into phases. These phases include pastor’s vision definition and goals, gathering data to determine current and future profiles of the church and surrounding community, understanding existing facility usage and capacity, analysis and alignment of the gathered data, prioritizing, and planning for vision advancement. Unlike most assessments, we will also provide an implementation plan to advance your vision for facility expansion.


What is Design-Build, and how does this approach work to the benefit of the Church?  At Goff Companies, we believe the Design-Build process offers numerous benefits to the client.  It gives the Church a single source of contact for all facets of the construction project, and reduces the coordination required of an Owner between Architect’s, Engineers, and Contractors.  Design-Build promotes greater team spirit and goodwill with all disciplines falling under one umbrella.  Coordination and collaboration efforts are streamlined and made more efficient, resulting greater value and quality for the Church.  The construction budget can be established much earlier in this process, and better managed throughout, as the contractor can price design as it is developed.  

Goff Companies has many avenues available, and will creatively explore many more, in pursuit of the greatest added value for the Church.  

Construction Management

Our significant experience in church construction allows us to provide and staff your project with a well-seasoned and proven construction management team.  Our references of past clients will attest to the quality of their experience throughout the construction process, and to the quality of the facility provided.  We specialize in:

  • Scheduling

  • Estimating & Costing

  • Trade Buyouts

  • Quality On-Site Field Personnel

  • Project Management Process

  • Insurance Compliance

  • Subcontractor Agreements

  • Management and coordination of all suppliers/vendors

  • Quality Control

  • Safety

  • Full-disclosure Audits