GoffCo Realty, LLC is part of the Goff family of companies, which exclusively serve the Church from strategic planning and real estate to design and construction. Our passion for service to the Church community drives a desire for quality and excellence. Our attention to detail, the value we place on our clients and our desire to provide outstanding service, is embedded through the entire Goff Companies team. It is the essence of our highly regarded reputation.


Why We Do It

Our Mission is to be an organization that serves the religious market and one that removes as many "pitfalls" as possible during the planning and real estate process. We strive to be a pre-eminent authority, leader and servant in assisting churches with achieving their vision. At GoffCo Realty, we have a mindset for spiritual service, which allows us to share our wealth of knowledge to grow the "Kingdom of God". We believe it is our calling to take the vision God has for your church and express it through our planning and real estate services.

We worked with GoffCo Realty, LLC during the purchase of land for expansion of our existing facility and we were impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and willingness to go beyond the call of duty. From the beginning we experienced top-notch realty expertise.
— Pastor Charles Lincoln, Christ Unveiled Ministries

Why We are Different

  • All members of our real estate team have actively managed multiple Church construction projects.
  • We understand that a facility is a tool for ministry and what aspects are required for this ministry tool to be functional.
  • Our team has unique insight when it comes to facilities through their extensive church construction and design background.
  • Having built numerous Church facilities, we understand how purchasing the right tract of land drives the achievability of the vision.
  • We have access to a wealth of information through our staff of in-house pastors, architects and construction personnel when it comes to potential facility evaluations and acquisitions. 
  • Our team operates with a ministry mindset and as an extension of your ministry.
  • When considering a property purchase that includes remodeling or renovation, we can create and review potential design concepts and budgetary estimates.